Who we are

SeaHives was set ups in the UK by Dave Francis and Will Shakspeare, two men tired of just seeing sandy bottoms on the beach.
We convert recycled fishing nets and bottles into hexagonal tubes which, when fastened together, create structures that resemble honeycomb, that's why we called them SeaHives.
Our aim is to site SeaHives where they can provide the greatest benefit to marine life, be it cleaner fish in salmon cages or fish fry sheltering in a marina.
Marine organisms of any size need somewhere to live, somewhere to eat, breed and shelter. SeaHives can provide this.
Designed to align with the current to give maximum water flow, a standard SeaHive will increase surface area for colonisation by 600%. It will also provide habitat for a wide range of life - from small filter feeders to larger invertebrates. In short - a food chain.
Made using a hexagonal design, SeaHives are designed to be modular, they can be joined together to form safe havens for either keeping people in or fish out!. They can be formed into "igloo" structures to provide live "Aquariums", or used to provide resistance for storm surges.